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It's bad to forget where you are, Crow.

6 thoughts on “Page 127

  1. Hey you, you’re finally awake.

  2. I love the panel placement there “the best for Leywannas protection” cut straight back to Crow. Ah, are you SURE about that, pops? Are you SURE you know whats best? Story telling says otherwise haha

    1. I couldn’t resist doing that sudden cut-to panel.

  3. hey algy i would like to ask you some questions
    1 how long do different races live?
    2 Will the meoley world page be around 200 or 400?

    1. Lupians can average up to 200 years. Lyrians up to 100 like humans. Elves…well, no one really knows. The oldest recorded in the chronicles is over 12,000 years.
      I currently have 15 chapters planned. There’s also the History of Meoley that I’m working on, along with short stories of other characters/events involved I could add.

      Page-wise, with an average of 25-45 pagers per chapter, then yes, upwards of 500+.

  4. Or 500 or in half of comics?

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