Page 96

Drawing angry Holland was rather difficult. He's usually all smiles.

6 thoughts on “Page 96

  1. Ayo Brother better listen to Holland!! Feral isn’t dangerous! 😭💕

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    Love the reference to Strays in this page.

    1. There’s only more to come~

  3. “Feral isn’t dangerous!”
    Holland never seen him do his job I guess haha
    And forgot about the Malkar incident and his broken limbs haha
    Naivety must be a lyrian trait. Leywanna has such an innocent approach to the concept of what qualifies as danger too.

    1. Oh he has, but he just chooses to see his friend and not the job he does.

  4. Seeing Holland talking about Feral brings back memories. I love that there is another story in this world. ♡(´▽`)

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