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It's all about the money, money, money...

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  1. The ratios seem a little odd. (OK, they’re all even, but…) Were they all meant to be expressed in terms of copper coins, or is a golden aur really worth over 200,000 copper coins?

    1. Once you get up to golden aurs, only silver is accepted for exchange. Similar to today’s currency but I wouldn’t want to go to the bank and ask for $100 in quarters (unless it was for a prank, lol).

  2. I’m just saying if there was a Anthology book for the Stray/Crows universe I would buy and read it in a heart beat.

    1. It’s such a huge world where I have like, 20 different stories I could tell for just as many characters or events that are on connected in some way. This, built up over years of role-playing.

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