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Two page spread next week!

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  1. Loving the comic so far! Can’t wait for more of the story! But question…why is Crow hiding that he is lupian? They seem welcome in the market from the overview a few pages back.

    1. Thank you!
      He found it easier to travel through Lyrian towns/cities since they’re not fond of Lupians. So he just hides his features to pass as Lyrian or human.

  2. It’s the crow or the tiger,
    it’s the thrill of first hit
    Let me please be your nobel advisor
    If you want discretion I won’t put up the odds
    You can have your short bet on the crow
    Or the tiger

  3. So I have a question. Did Leywanna asked herself if he was a Lyrian because he used wind magic? Is a certain element of magic tied to a specific race? Well I guess that’s two questions.

    1. Wind and water are natural elements of Lyrians, so she assumes Crow is a Lyrian. And yes, each race has a natural element, but they can learn others (maybe). Lupians’ and Vulpians’ (fox) natural element is fire. Cervians (deer) have earth. And then there’s humans, they have no magic, so they use artefacts imbued with magic.

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