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It's a good thing Holland's family doesn't know any specifics about his friends aside from the fact that they are Lupians.

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  1. Leywanna and Holland became godparents of a ‘certain’ young Lupian out in the woodlands?!

    1. Haha! CROWS takes place a little over two years after the events of the Epilogue of STRAYS. So, generally speaking, his family knows about Feral, Meela and other Lupians that Holland knows, just not their backgrounds.

  2. So there is a separate king then the one that is Holland’s father?

    1. Holland’s father isn’t really a king, just the ruler/leader of Eustyria, but the family is considered royal; thus the title of High Prince. No one would dare claim to be a “king” since there is THE King of Meoley.

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